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Reamer shoe PASC Borehole Calibrator

CEMET Ltd. is a manufacturer and one of the owners of the European patent application for an innovative reamer shoe tool used in the drilling industry. The product is a response to the problem of swelling clays. This phenomenon occurs during the drilling process with use of water-based drilling mud in clay intervals. The swelling of clay layers often results in an interception of casing pipes and a number of problems leading to improper cementation of the borehole.

Reamer Shoe PASC (Protector Against Swelling Clays) features a design that guides casing to total depth faster and more efficiently by overcoming challenging wellbore obstructions, such as bridges, high local doglegs, cutting beds, ledges, sloughing formations, and deviated holes. An innovative PASC instrument is a good alternative for conventional tools. The PASC tool is placed at the beginning of a casing pipes column. The innovative tool is equipped with a conical nose and cutting elements. The PASC tool is based on an innovative solution on a global scale that allows cut rock material, then crush it and remove it to the surface of the borehole. The PASC reamer tool is equipped in cementing valve, which has been engineered and tested to exceed the API 10F specification requirements. A variety of sizes, threads, and valve configurations are available. The Reamer Shoe PASC is full PDC drillable.

The tool was created in cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Gdansk University of Technology. The research was financed from the National Center of Research and Development Poland (NCBiR) from program Blue Gas. More information about the project at website http://pppi.mech.pg.gda.pl/


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