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Announcement of tender

10 Jun, 2016 | Tenders

The deadline for submission of tenders 13.05.2016 r.
Contact t.kesicki@cemet.com.pl

Cemet Ltd, together with the Technical University of Gdansk is implementing the project under the program Blue-Gas – Polish Shale Gas, funded by the National Centre for Research and Development. One of the tasks of the project is to make prototyping tool “Protektor Przeciw Pęczniejącym Iłom”

  1. Please make a offer for the tool elements of aluminum alloy, based on the drawings, which will provide on request. Number of elements 8 pcs. = 1 set.
  2. Selection of a contractor will take place taking into account the following:
    – The price for items – 70%
    – Deadline for completion – 20%
    – Tenderer’s experience in machining on milling machine five-axis – 10%
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